Tip Tuesday #7: Recycle Your Conditioners

Being the product junkie that I am, I sometimes buy products that I end up not liking. I’m sure it happens to all of us, but isn’t it frustrating, no matter the cost? One way to get extra use out of that conditioner that you hate is to use it as shaving cream!

Conditioner makes the perfect shaving cream because it has moisturizing ingredients and is usually thick enough to prevent you from nicking yourself. Instead of throwing it away, or hiding it in a box, never to be seen again, get some use out of it!

What other ways do you use your conditioners?

Staple Hair Product Review Series: Curl Junkie Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner

Today I’m reviewing one of my leave-in conditoners, Curl Junkie Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil Daily Conditioner. This conditioner can be used as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner, however I only use it as a leave-in. I’m sure it works great as a rinse out conditioner, but with it being $19 for 12 fl  oz, it’s a little too expensive for me to be rinsing out :). This conditioner can be purchased at http://www.curljunkie.com or http://www.aveyou.com.

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Staple Hair Product Review Series: Curl Junkie Repair Me!

Today I will be reviewing Curl Junkie Repair Me! reconstructive hair treatment (also known as a protein treatment). Hair strands naturally have pores or holes in them. The size and/or amount of these pores are directly related to hair damage from heat, chemicals, etc. Protein treatments are used to temporarily fill in these pores which increases the strength of the hair strand. I use protein treatments because I have color treated hair which increases the fragile nature of my hair strands.

Curl Junkie Repair Me! retails for $29 for 12 oz. Now I know that sounds expensive, but a little of this product goes a long way. I am still on my first bottle and I have had it for almost a year (I use it about once a month). I think this is in part due to the very creamy consistency.

Unfortunately I am unable to buy Curl Junkie products where I live so I usually order from www.curljunkie.com or www.aveyou.com.

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Staple Hair Product Review Series: Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Mask

Today I’ll be discussing my deep conditioner/pre-poo, Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Mask (what’s with the long names Shea Moisture?).  This conditioner retails for around $10-$12 for 12 fl oz. It can be purchased at Walgreens and Target.

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