About Me

about me


My name is Ayesha and I am a 30-something pharmacist living in Florida. I am happily married with two children (Noah & Chloe) and a dog (Tyson). I love all things beauty (hair, makeup, skincare)! I decided to start this blog to give myself an outlet from my normal day-to-day career and to hopefully help some of you.

Please feel free to contact me for blog topic requests, questions, or just to say hello via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (@simplebeautyyt) or in the comments section of a post.

For business inquiries, please email me at simplebeauty8312@gmail.com!

Thanks for stopping by!



15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. cassandra says:

    I think this is an excellent idea! While I haven’t taken the plunge of going back to my natural roots, the thought is tempting. I look forward to reading more.


  2. Safiya! says:

    This is such a great idea, and your’e doing an excellent job. My mom was watching it over my shoulder, and she was like I love her vocabulary and presentation, LOL 🙂


  3. Ashley says:

    Hi Ayesha,

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I think this is an amazing idea. You are the perfect person to create such a blog, for you have natural beauty! Hopefully I can one day become natural, as far as hair, and use some of your techniques.


  4. the hood polloi says:

    How can a single father convince his little girl to stay natural? I’m always pointing out and complementing natural styles around her and I’ve even given her the whole, “white cultural brainwashing” lecture but I can still tell that she longs for straightened hair.

    She’s only 8, but she’s a handful already. She’d go get a perm just to piss me off! haha



    • simplebeauty8312 says:

      It’s very refreshing to hear that you encourage your daughter to embrace her natural hair! Kudos to you! As far as advice to give her, I don’t really know. Maybe allow her to get her hair straightened (not permed) every once in a while so that she can see the versatility… I don’t have any kids so I’m not sure that reasoning will work with an 8 year old, but I hope it helps! Good luck!


      • simplebeauty8312 says:

        🙂 I was 8 a very long time ago. My mom kept my hair braided a lot, but I loved it when she let me wear it down. Btw, I went to a predominantly white school, so I wanted to “look like them” hair-wise.


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