Loreal LaLaque & LeMatte Lip Color


Loreal recently released 2 new types of lipstick, the LaLaque and the LeMatte. These new lip products are thinner than the average jumbo lip pencil and are pretty much the size of a crayon. The LaLaque range is a shiny, pigmented lip color. While the LeMatte range is a matte version. They released a total of 8 shades (4 of each), and I purchased 6 of them. Keep reading for my thoughts and lip swatches!

L-R: Never Lacque-ing, Lacquer-ized, She's So Matte, Matte-r of Fact, No Matte-r What, Matte for Me

L-R: Never Lacque-ing, Lacquer-ized, She’s So Matte, Matte-r of Fact, No Matte-r What, Matte for Me

The LeLaques

I only purchased 2 of the 4 LaLaque shades available, mainly because I don’t like bright, bold, shiny lip colors on me. I usually prefer my brighter shades to be matte. These  products go on the lips very smoothly and creamily. Unfortunately, the softness of the product makes it a little easier to break. I broke the tip off Never Lacque-ing the first time I wore it. If you try one of these, be sure to use a soft hand when applying. Another down-side of these is that the brighter color can be a little messy and have a tendency to slide around on the lips. I’m still glad that I got these though, because the color and comfortability are wonderful.

Never Lacque-ing

Never Lacque-ing



The LeMattes

Like the LaLaques, these go on really smoothly. Although they are matte, they feel like butter going on. Once they wear for a couple of hours, they are slightly drying, but no more so than other lipsticks. I did notice that some of the shades in this range didn’t seem to be as pigmented as the LaLaques (namely She’s So Matte and Matte for Me).

She's So Matte

She’s So Matte

Matte-r Of Fact

Matte-r Of Fact

I’ve heard this shade is a dupe for the recently released, limited edition, MAC lipstick, Fixed on Drama.

No Matte-r What

No Matte-r What


Matte For Me

Matte For Me

Overall, I’m really impressed with the LaLaques and LeMattes. The must have shades in my opinion are Never Lacque-ing, Matte-R of Fact, and Lacquer-ized (just for fun). If you see these, pick them up soon because they are limited edition!

What shade is your favorite? Have you tried any of the LaLaques or LeMattes?








10 thoughts on “Loreal LaLaque & LeMatte Lip Color

  1. Kari says:

    I bought one of each, Lacquer-ized & She’s So Matte, a few weeks ago. I still haven’t found the best way to wear Laquer-ized because it’s so darn bright, but I absolutely love She’s So Matte because it’s such a pretty red/pink.


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