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I just received the few items that I ordered from MAC’s new collection, Tropical Taboo. Every summer they come out with a mineralized collection full of eyeshadows, blushes, and mineralized skinfinishes. This year they also added some lipsticks, gloss, and lip pencils. Keep reading to see what items I purchased and my initial thoughts on them.

I love the mineralized skinfinishes (msfs), so I decided to purchase 2 from this collection. There were 5 msfs in this collection, but I already owned one (Gold Deposit) and the rest didn’t look like they would suit my skintone. I typically use msfs as highlighters, but depending on the shade, they can be used as blush, bronzer, or even eyeshadow. The 2 shades that I purchased are Rio and Adored.

MAC Rio Mineralized Skinfinish

MAC Rio Mineralized Skinfinish

Rio is described by MAC as a “bronze with bright pink pearl.” With baked products, the resulting color of the product being swirled together, may differ per person based on how much of each shade you get. I’m happy that mine came with a lot of bronze and a little pink because I can actually wear this as a blush or highlight. I tried it on top of a pink cream blush and it looked very glowy and didn’t seem to emphasize my pores. If I had gotten one with more pink, I worry that it could be a little ashy (on my complexion) as a blush.

MAC Adored Mineralized Skinfinish

MAC Adored Mineralized Skinfinish

Adored is described by MAC as a “coral with light beige pearl”. I initially was scared to get this because of how beige it is, but after seeing it in person, I’m glad I did. Swirled together, this creates a peachy, champagne color. Upon swatching, I think it looks like a more pigmented version of MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.

L-R: Rio, Adored

L-R: Rio, Adored

MAC Ablaze

MAC Ablaze Lip Pencil

I also picked up Ablaze lip pencil from this collection. I skipped on it when it initally came out with the Fashion Sets 2013 collection, but I decided to get it this time around because it is a unique color that I think I will get a lot of use out of.

L-R: Ablaze Lip Pencil, Ablaze Lipstick, Ablaze Lipglass

L-R: Ablaze Lip Pencil, Ablaze Lipstick, Ablaze Lipglass

The Tropical Taboo collection is now available online at and in stores tomorrow, June 27th, 2013.

**Update: From this collection I later purchased Simmer Mineralize Blush and Time To Tango Mineralize Eyeshadow (click HERE to see a swatch and makeup look with the eyeshadow). I love both!

Will you be getting anything from this collection?


8 thoughts on “MAC Tropical Taboo First Impressions

  1. tharjye says:

    Nice post I would love to get exotic ember blush and soft n gentle I already own gold deposit but I barely use it I need to watch yt videos on how to properly apply msf’s and I would like to get hip n happy and heroine lip pencil the eyeshadows are pretty but for that price I could go an get a nars eyeshadow!

  2. Crystal says:

    I got rio msf because if your swatch. Thanks for posting this review b/c I didn’t know what to get. Next, I am planning in getting gold deposit. Great post!

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