Vacation Haul & Anniversary Gifts

I just realized that I never posted my last haul video on my blog. Here it is in case you’re interested!

Let me know if you want a review or more information on any of the products mentioned!




4 thoughts on “Vacation Haul & Anniversary Gifts

  1. Chaundra says:

    Very nice haul…. It seems like a very expensive haul but very nice.., I really enjoy all your videos and because of you I am trying out MAC Honey Love lipstick…I think it will become a favorite nude lipstick of mine.. thanks for all the great tips.. Be Blessed…



  2. Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary ! 🎉🎉🎉

    You have a lot of nice items
    Luv your Bag 😊
    I’m not big on makeup but I like to enhance my looks with nice Beauty products luv your choices. Like you I Luv a good sale !
    Thanks! For sharing.


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