It’s My Blog-a-versary!


As of today it has been 1 year that has been up and running. Thank you all so much for sticking by me! I plan on making this next year even better!

As promised, I answered the questions that you all wanted answered in the form of a video. Make sure to open this video up in YouTube and watch in HD. Check it out below!

Let me know in the comments section how I can make this blog better for you!


10 thoughts on “It’s My Blog-a-versary!

  1. Richelle says:

    I loved your YT video! The singing intro was awesome and funny! Im so excited for you! June is a BIG month for you! Congrats!!!!!! I always enjoy your videos and blog posts. Keep up the good job! Also your certainly a fashionista! Also those giveaway prizes are perfect! Your The Best!

  2. Chaundra says:

    I love the Q&A video.. But on this video what eye shadow are you wearing? And what’s on your Lips? Can you do a video on this look. Congrats again on the 1yr anniversary

  3. Safiya says:

    I’m just seeing this video, but Richelle is right, the singing in the beginning was a great touch! 🙂 happy belated blogaversary

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