Update on Iman BB Creme


A few weeks ago, I did a video on my first impressions of the new Iman Skin Tone Evener BB Creme. (Click HERE if you missed that post). In that video, I shared what I thought of the product while wearing it throughout the day. Now that I’ve been using it a few weeks, I wanted to update you on what I think of it. Keep reading if you’re interested!

So if you watched my first impressions video, then I’m sure you can tell that I liked this BB creme initially. After using it for a few weeks, I can say that now I like it even more. If you’re wondering, I use the shade Clay Medium.

How I Use: I apply this directly after washing my face. I do not use a moisturizer or primer underneath. Depending on the occasion, I may set this with a powder.

Finish: This provides a very natural, dewy finish. If I set it with a powder, I’m able to get more of a satin finish (neither matte nor shiny).

Duration: This can last at least 9 hours when set with a powder. Without using a powder, it still lasts around the same amount of time, but will require blotting.

Skin Care Benefits: I’m not sure if this product has many skin care benefits besides sun protection, but so far it has not been detrimental to my skin. I’m still not sure if this is a true “bb cream,” but I do think that it is better for the skin than an average foundation.

Final Grade: A

Kudos to Iman for making a bb cream that is suitable for women of color. Have you tried any bb creams? What’s your favorite?


7 thoughts on “Update on Iman BB Creme

  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the update! Since I really dont know much about foundation, I think this will be a great beginner for me. Where did you purchase this? I would love to try it.


  2. bellapatron says:

    I got this last week in Wal-Mart..I’ve only used it with my fingers..need to try to apply it with a brush..I too use Clay Medium..and have combo/oily skin..I have a few acne spots that it doesn’t cover too well…but guess I need a foundation for that..


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