Tip Tuesday #5: Makeup Expiration Dates

I for one, know that I am a makeup hoarder (and I’m okay with that)! If you are like me, then more than likely you have some makeup products that are past their shelf life. It is important to not use expired cosmetics, because they can harbor bacteria, which can lead to infections. Keep reading to learn expiration dates for your makeup!

Powders (eyeshadows, blush, pressed powder, etc.): 1 year. Make sure to discard any eyeshadows used if you get an eye infection.

Liquid/Cream Foundations: 3-6 months. Toss around 3 months if foundation packaging makes it less sanitary (having to dip your fingers in it). Keep it for 6 months if it is in pump packaging.

Concealer: 3-6 months (again depending on how sanitary your use of the product is)

Eyeliners/Lipliners: at least 1 year. These products can be kept for a long time if they are sharpened regularly. However, they will eventually dry out.

Lipsticks/Lipglosses: 1 year

Mascara: 3 months. This one I abide by all the time. I do not want any eye infections. Ugh!

Make sure you use clean brushes or hands to apply makeup. Not only will this keep your makeup lasting longer, but it will decrease your risk of contaminating your makeup. Dirty makeup leads to breakouts and eye infections.

Are you guilty of keeping makeup too long?



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