Tip Tuesday #7: Recycle Your Conditioners

Being the product junkie that I am, I sometimes buy products that I end up not liking. I’m sure it happens to all of us, but isn’t it frustrating, no matter the cost? One way to get extra use out of that conditioner that you hate is to use it as shaving cream!

Conditioner makes the perfect shaving cream because it has moisturizing ingredients and is usually thick enough to prevent you from nicking yourself. Instead of throwing it away, or hiding it in a box, never to be seen again, get some use out of it!

What other ways do you use your conditioners?

Top 5 Blushes



Blushes are one of those makeup categories that I am obsessed with (along with lipsticks, and highlighters). I have too many to count. I decided to show you all my top 5 blushes (of the moment) to maybe give you all some ideas if you are on the market for a new blush. For reference, my foundation shade is around an NC45 in MAC.

Keep reading for pictures, swatches and descriptions!

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Nail of the Day: Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine

I really like this shade of nail polish! Today’s Nail of the Day is Through the Grapevine by Wet n Wild. It is a true magenta that would look great on all skintones. Not only is the color gorgeous, but these polishes are a breeze to work with. I have tried several shades and they all are pretty opaque and apply easily. Also, they come with a wide brush that makes it quicker to polish the nails. My only complaint is that the bottles break easily when dropped. I have broken at least 2 of these. For me, that isn’t a huge complaint since these polishes cost less than $3.

Have you tried any of the Wet n’ Wild Megalast polishes? What are your favorite shades?

Bye Bye Weekend Poll!

Normally on Fridays I do a weekend poll in which I ask you all questions to see how similar you are to me. However, I don’t get very many responses to those polls and they also don’t generate many page views. Therefore, I will not be doing those anymore. I may start up another series of Friday posts in the future, but I’m not sure yet. Thank you to those who did take time to respond to my poll questions!

MAC Holiday 2012 Collection & Ulta Haul

MAC has a huge holiday collection this year. I purchased a few things online last night and received them today! I wanted to get pictures and swatches up for you because this collection hits stores on October 25th, 2012. MAC collections usually sell out pretty fast (especially lipsticks) so act quickly if you want anything. The rest of the items can be viewed at maccosmetics.com.

Continue reading for more pictures and swatches!

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Tip Tuesday #6: Layer for Longevity and Payoff!

Today’s Tip Tuesday may be old news for the ladies who are really into makeup. However, a lot of my friends read this blog and they are makeup newbies. This tip is mainly for beginners, because I’m sure all of my old pros already know this.

I’m sure that if your makeup has ever worn off quickly, it was very discouraging. Who wants to spend time doing something that will be gone after a couple of hours? One way to make your colored makeup last longer is by layering. What I mean by “colored” is lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows.

Keep reading to find out how!

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Weekend Poll: Blog Post Preferences

Last weekend’s poll was about how often you use makeup primer. Surprisingly, it was a tie between “Never” and “Daily.” Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a post explaining makeup primers.

This weekend I want to know what type of blog posts you like most. I’m not going to answer this question, because I’m trying to find out what type of posts you all want me to do.

Thanks for your feedback!

Staple Hair Product Review Series: Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle!


The next product in my Staple Hair Product Review Series is Curls in a Bottle! by Curl Junkie. This glycerin-free gel is a lightweight gel that can be used for styling or as a finisher. I usually use this on top of other products as a last step to keep the frizzies away for my wash & go styles. This gel retails for $19 for 12 ounces of product. It can be purchased at www.curljunkie.com, www.aveyou.com, and select other retailers.

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